Panda eating after being released from captivity
Pandas live 20-30 years in captivity. There really isn't anything that says how long they live when they are not in captivity. Pandas


Two Pandas...
Giant Pandas are closely related to the Red Panda and bears. They really don't hang out with other Giant Pandas as they prefer to be alone. Pandas are extremely friendly and nice. People say that Pandas are mean and dangerous but only sometimes. In this case:
Mom Panda with Baby Panda
The mother panda is with her cub. The mother will be very protective over it so it would be dangerous to go near. Other than that Pandas like humans. They are very lovable so get a long well with humans.. Unless they are wild. Wild Pandas are quite dangerous. People just take them the wrong way and think they are evil monsters. When actually WE are the monsters from KILLING them!=(


Baby Panda in captivity
  Giant Pandas are endangered! Why are the endangered? Giant Pandas are endangered because of loss of habitat, pollution, hunting, and bamboo shortages.
 Pandas are losing most of their bamboo forests because of our greed. Losing their forests leads to bamboo shortages. Bamboo takes a while to grow so Pandas can not just wait for it to grow back. They need to move on. If there are no more forests where will they be able to eat?
  Pollution and hunting is also taking their role. Pollution poisons their air and kills them. While illegal hunting kills more and more of them off. That does not help the fact that there are less 1600 pandas in the world!=(
We can help though. All we need to do is stop or at least cause less pollution. We also need to stop illegally hunting and cutting down their forests. People are helping already. There are people out their catching the people hunting them and less polluting. Other people are raising Pandas in captivity. They raise them and 'teach' them how to survive and live like a Panda. Once they are old enough, they are released into the wild.